Slanted soap saver

self-draining fast-drying

The slanted soap dish, waterfall, drains water into the bathroom sink perfectly and dries your luxury soap fast, and keep the sink and bathroom areas clean. The soap never get soft and mushy and lasts longer.

For preserving luxury natural soap and keeping bathroom clean

Habitamin made this slanted soap dish with the purpose of maintaining a soap and bathroom . People love natural soap for reason of beauty, but the natural soap that is made of natural material is expensive, soft, and easy to get mushy. And the bathroom maintenance is an essential part of housekeeping for hygienic reasons, but keeping the sink area of the bathroom clean is troublesome work to do repeatedly. So the slanted soap dish, waterfall, is designed to solves the problem.

Slanted and self-draining design

The Soap dish is angled at 40 degrees to be able to drain water perfectly into a sink and keep the bathroom sink areas clean.

Soap lasts longer

The slanted soap dish keeps soap from getting soft and mushy. And it helps the soap dry fast and last longer.

Versatile utilization in the kitchen

In the kitchen sink, the soap dish can hold a sponge and drain its water into the sink completely.

Optimum dish size for all soap size and bubble

The dish size is bigger than normal soap dish to clean the bubble on the soap easy and for all soap size.

Color & material

The dish is made of non-toxic, durable, thick plastic and comes with two color, light-grey and cool-mint.


Size: 95 x 100 x 130 (mm)

Material: ABS plastic

Color: light grey / cool mint

Design: design by be2weenLab in California


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